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2022, 2023 & 2024

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Ongoing Buy Outs & Liquidations

20% of the monthly revenue received from our portfolio companies goes toward buy out and liquidation at 5% above market price.

Every company Edbit invests or acquires generates revenue on monthly bases for Edbit Inc. At the end of each month Edbit spents 20% of its revenue toward buying out tokens from investors and liquidating more tokens at 5% above the market price.

Issue Verifiable Digital Records

Students & employees can save their credentials on the blockchain.

eBook (2021)
A transaction fee is charged for every credential saved on the blockchain.

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The Edbit mobile wallet

The crypto wallet for Students & Teachers

Earn rewards

Students and Teachers can earn rewards in different ways inside the Edbit Wallet.

Receive Salary

Teachers and employees can receive their salary in the form of Crypto.

Pay for tuition and books

Students can pay their tuition and books using Edbit.

There is a 2% - 5% transaction fee for every transaction inside the Edbit wallet.


The organizations below have integrated with the Edbit APIs to save their students and employees credentials into the blockchain.

Restaurant locations

EDUonGo Inc

EDUonGo serves 450,000 students in 42 countries with its LMS.

The Startup Studio

Learn to Start ensures students in the K12 are future-ready.

Ucodemy LLC

Itchcode helps K12 teachers provide computer science education.

Kiwi Learn Inc

Kiwi serves 2000+ restaurant locations in U.S. such as El Pollo Loco, Tazikis Caffee ...etc.

Cameron Academy

Rated #1 Real Estate School in Florida accommodating close to 5000 students at a time.

Vocabulary Uni

MyVocabulary.com serves 12,000+ teachers daily with its interactive puzzles.


Turkey's First Digital Learning Marketplace.


Jean Monnet Department of European Studios, the hub for elite medical degrees.


Decentralized Storage made simple! Imagine running your own Dropbox or Google Drive without hosting!

Novae 360

A Web 3.0 Skills Verification Builder. The World’s First Skills Verification Blockchain Solution.


Virtualize your Organization. Buy an NFT for your VR business using Edbits.

we integrate with

EDBIT Credentials

Issue Verifiable Digital Records

Edbit provides a complete system to issue official records using a blockchain-anchored format that is instantly verifiable anywhere in the world.


School invites student to receive a blockchain credential via Edbit Portal.


Student accepts invitation, sending school their blockchain address.


School hashes the credential onto the blockchain.


School sends student a blockchain credential to their mobile app.
blockchain diploma

EDBIT Wallet App

Users can earn rewards, receive salary, pay for tuition, and a lot more through the Edbit Wallet.

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Pre Sale
17 December 2021
27 Days
20% Bonus Target $800K USD
Sale Stage 1
7 January 2022
27 Days
15% Bonus Target $1.8M
Sale Stage 2
4 February 2022
18 Days
10% Bonus Target $2M
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Pre-Sale List
Token Symbol EDBIT
Pre-sale start 17 December 2021
Pre-sale end 17 February 2022
Pre-sale total tokens 205,000,000
Max circulating supply 2,000,000,000
Pre-sale duration 72 days
To be listed on public exchange July 2022

Token Allocation

5% Advisors
10% Presale
20% Team & Founders
14% Investments
& acquistions
51% Tokens for Sale to Community and Liquidation
via Edbit Credentials and Wallet

Funds raised distribution

2% Legal
15% Product
23% Business Dev & Ops
60% Liquidation

The Roadmap

On the way to being #1 token in the education industry. Check out our exciting ROI milestones below.

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The Leadership Team

A trusted team that worked at: Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Disney, among others.

Ridvan Aliu
Founder & CEO
Ridvan Aliu

Ridvan Aliu

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

After working as a software engineer for giant corporations such as Disney, Microsoft, and Amazon, Ridvan Aliu founded his own software consulting firm in 2010 called Real Visualz LLC (realvisualz.com). Real Visualz grew from 3 to 30+ engineers within a year, working on world-class projects such as the Coca Cola Freestyle machine, Ford navigation system, Amazon instant video player, among many others.

For over one decade Ridvan has built software teams across the world and successfully raised 5 different companies.


Nathan Ryu

Chief Growth Officer

Nathan Ryu comes with a wealth of experience from working in "C" level roles within the Education and Training industry since 2003. Besides his proven track record to create high performance and high growth companies, he particularly specializes in developing exceptional workplace cultures which translate into delivering more value to their clients and partnerships. Nathan is very excited about bringing his expertise to Edbit and feels that Edbit is in an excellent position to create real and genuine value in the Education and Training industry.
Lou Sylaj
Lou Sylaj

Lou Sylaj

Manager General Partner

Lou brings more than 15 years as a successful Finance and Strategy Leader with extensive HCM systems and process expertise. He has extensive knowledge and experience with SaaS products. Lou was the recipient of the “Best Implementation and Launch” Award at the annual UKG conference in 2014.

Lou is extremely passionate about solving complex business challenges through creative and innovative technology solutions. In support of this, Lou co-founded Koha LLC., whose mission is to develop cutting edge cloud-based technologies to further assist his clients in achieving their business objectives.

Interim CFO

Besim Tafilaj

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Besim has over 15 years of experience in banking and corporate finance. He has held many senior level positions at some of the nation’s largest banks and has advised dozens of mid-sized businesses on financing and cash management technologies.

Through his career, Besim has worked in multiple industries and markets across the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Prior to returning to finance in 2014, he ran a Global Petrochemical and Refinery Services company.

Besim holds an MBA with concentrations in business strategy and finance from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a Bachelors in Biology from The University of Texas at Austin.

Abdel El Khouly
VP of Community
Abdel Elkhouli

Abdel Elkhouli

VP of Community

Abdel is an accomplished business consultant and startup developer, He has a rich career involving leadership, innovation, and problem solving skills. Abdel has 6+ years of experience deploying software applications with over 3 million users, as well as 8 years of project management and commercial development.

Prior to Abdel's involvement with Edbit he served as a Sr. Business Developer for EDUonGo Inc, solely responsible for establishing and growing relations within the U.S. and countries abroad, strategizing marketing campaigns, recruitment, and team building. Abdel has also managed a portfolio of complex initiatives for Real Vizuals Inc., spanning multiple lines of business, while overseeing full project life cycles from initial implementation to simultaneous deployment of several initiatives as a Sr. Project Manager.


Gary Conroy
Founder and CEO of The Startup Studio

Gary Conroy

Founder and CEO of The Startup Studio

Gary is a serial entrepreneur, educator, and business consultant. Born in Dublin, Ireland, Gary moved to the United States and began a distinguished career in entrepreneurship and entertainment asset management and ownership.

In 2014, Gary founded The Startup Studio LLC, a global education services company whose mission is to bring about real and sustainable change to education.

Carey Cook
President of Vocabulary University
Carey Cook

Carey Cook

President of Vocabulary University

Carey Orr Cook, the grandson of Carey Orr, the Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist from the Chicago Tribune, learned his life-long love of words from his grandfather. He works in the investment business and has been drawing cartoons for 20 years in his "free time".

With Jan Cook (his wife, partner and retired high school teacher), they have built a strong teacher, student and parent awareness of their Vocabulary University® brand. The technical and graphical assistance from Bob Marzewski and Maria Reeves have been extraordinary and irreplaceable!

Steven Yee
Sr. Manager at Oracle
Steven Yee

Steven Yee

Sr. Manager at Oracle

Steven Yee is a senior manager with innate startup expertise and is passionate about building excellent teams. With nearly 20 years of experience in the high-tech industry, Yee assembles teams to deliver large-scale technology products. He serves as a senior cross-functional manager and often handles additional roles in order to keep operations on target.

Yee has helped two start-up companies reach successful initial public offering, and has a proven track record in motivating and driving teams in the areas of engineering, marketing and sales for successful product launches.

Kayhan Karli
Michael Cameron

Michael Cameron

CEO of Cameron Academy of Real Estate

Michael has made a mark on career education with his passion and proven methodology. With over two decades of experience running the #1 real estate school in central Florida, Michael brings his vision to the online community to provide a convenient solution to the busy man or woman.

At Cameron Academy Michael graduates 5000 students per season.

Kayhan Karli
Founder and CEO of Legonimbus
Kayhan Krali

Kayhan Krali

Founder and CEO of Legonimbus

Kayhan started his education life in Marmara University Mathematics Department and continued in Yeditepe University Educational Leadership and Management graduate program. Hi was a part of the Educational Leadership at PTC, Future of Education at Harvard University, Coaching Education at Ericsonn Coaching International, Art and Practice of Leadership Development at Harvard Kennedy School.

Between 2016 and 2020, he was the Director of the FuturED - Eurasia Education and Future Summit organization, which he pioneered. He has been teaching at MEF University for the past year.

Jason Rukman
CEO of Ucodemy
Jason Rukman

Jason Rukman

CEO of Ucodemy

Jason Rukman has extensive experience with mobile devices and networks. His track record demonstrates his ability to innovate, implement and collaborate as needed to bring the right solution to market.

At Bsquare, Rukman has been the lead engineer responsible for bringing the open source WebKit platform to Windows CE, a platform that is now the basis for many large deals. He hired the team that bought the platform to market and drove much of the business side as well. Most recently, Rukman was promoted to manage a large team working on an Android project and was made responsible for the architecture and operations.

Rukman co-founded and was CEO of Suhari LLC, a mobile development company. Later, he helped sell the company and technology to Medio Systems.

John Hatch
Technical Consultant at Oracle
John Hatch

John Hatch

Technical Consultant at Oracle

John Hatch is a senior software engineer with over 20 years of software engineering experience. He architected, developed, and shipped Embedded Desktop and Interface Composer configurable shells for Windows CE and Window NT Embedded.

At Microsoft, John automated big data pipelines to support compliance analytics for Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing programs.

Previously, Hatch worked as the Windows CE Kernel program manager at Microsoft and was the owner, consultant and independent software developer for Rockfish LLC.

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